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Paint Brushes

Meet & Greet  
3rd Friday
 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  Featured Artists ~ January

Painters Palette
Purple Smoke
Watercolor Paints


Shannon Taggart's passion for ink abstractions has allowed her to broaden the scope of technique and variations for art in the marketplace. She uses 

Yupo, canvas and tiles as her medium."Abstracticational Art", as Shannon articulates, is her 

technique of melting Yupo paper with a design element as the focus. In using the abstract background as the palette, the design overlay gives depth, texture and a "story" to her work.  Her use and exuberance for bright, vibrant colors accentuate that story making way for innovative and unique artwork.


In an additional artistic sphere, Ms. Taggart translates her bold strokes and innovative color combinations to the realm of Wearable Art. Her Wearable art may be found in local clothing boutiques such as Stefan Mann.


Le Galeriste, in Montreal Canada, uses Shannon's abstract patterns to create lovely clothing designs that have garnered a loyal following. Her abstractions provide the company vibrant and unique offerings to their international clients.

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Shannon for web.jpeg
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Oil Paint
Abstract Rays
White Acrylic Paint
Deer Graphic
Light on Painting
Nancy Breiman art.png
Nancy art yellow.png


Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Merrily started exploring art as a child under the influence of her mother, the late Beverly W. Mastrim, a renowned artist in her own right. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and moved to San Francisco to advance her studies at the Academy of Art University.


Today, she lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where she serves as an active participant in the art community. She has a wide range of skills including painting, pottery, and jewelry making.


Merrily is an ‘experimental artist’ enjoying the disciplines of both realism and abstraction. She believes they both have challenges and keep her humble. She was a member of the Ching Hai Oriental Painting Association, and many of her abstract paintings reflect an Asian influence. Merrily is drawn to contemporary abstract expressionism and she hopes these paintings invite you to draw your own interpretation.


Merrily is married and has two children. She enjoys her pets, gardening, hiking, and spending time with family. She is also a horsewomen  Artists that have influenced her include her mother, Beverly W. Mastrim, Alvin Gittins, Franz Kline and Hyunmee Lee.

Merrily mug.png
merrily abstract 2_edited.png


My journey is ever-evolving as my experiences bloom. Each day brings a new opportunity to explore the world around me and take in all the beauty nature and man have to offer. With my mind and eyes wide open, and my paintbrushes ready to create, I seek to capture the beauty and joy of our wonderful world in brilliant color. 

Whether I'm painting outdoors or in my home studio, I'm filling my soul with happiness and purpose. I now know I was put on this earth to shine my light by encouraging others who seek to bring joy to their lives through appreciation or the creation of art. 

It is my hope that my work will light the way to inspire you to shine your light!

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