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Paint Brushes

Meet & Greet  
March 18 3rd Friday
 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  Featured Artists ~ March 2022

Paulette coffee table.jpg
paulette galop.png


Even as a child Paulette loved playing in the mud. “Who can resist squishing the mud between your fingers and toes. I still feel that way.  From the moment I open that first bag of clay, I can hardly contain my excitement,” she says. “ The earthy smell as my fingers manipulate, compress and shape it gets my creative juices going.” She adds that a simple bag of clay taught her form, chemistry, and patience to work through frustration. Each day, the anticipation lures her back into the studio to learn and create something new.

Lifelong loves are drawing, piano and horses. She was a studio potter making functional ware like plates and mugs until adventure called. I traveled extensively in the States, Mexico and Belize. “I hiked, rode horses and scuba dove.” Following a fine art degree, she started a family and a career in retail. Then life changed and she was able to pursue her passion in clay. “I divide my time between my studio, riding my Clydesdales and with my four precious grand angels,” she says. Paulette also participates in numerous shows throughout Arizona. She volunteers and donates in her community. 

cynthia eral 2.png


Art  for  me is an inspiration and a process. Each ingredient deserves individual attention. I like to spend significant time outdoors with wildlife to get a sneak peek into their personalities through observing their mannerisms before returning to my studio. This gives me time to visualize the subject in its natural state.


Since I was nine years old, working with oils has always been the medium of choice for me because it flows from the brush and is never the same application.

With my exerpience working in Interior Design, I've seen the connection art and home decor and how it can be powerful. It creates a mood, a special place, and will even feed the soul.


Cynthia winning .png
linda paul.png


Linda Paul-Sontag - with work.png

Linda's early college education focused on the fine arts, but practicality took her another direction. After several years as a graphic designer and technical illustrator, a bizarre twist of fate found her in the corporate world of project management.

However a nagging inner voice held fast as a constant reminder that her ability to draw and paint was central to her very existence - no matter how long denied.


Raised primarily in the Southwest, Linda has always been fascinated with all things western, and holds a nostalgic admiration for the imagery that keeps it alive. Much of her work reflects icons that are uniquely American, from cowboys, vintage motels, gas stations, to neon signs remaining along Route 66 and other dusty roads.

Additionally, she has painted several portraits, primarily of people who have significantly contributed to our history or culture, but also friends and families.

Artist Statement:  "I recently embarked on a journey toward artistic goals I set for myself years before. Life itself stood in my way for a time, but I now find myself perfectly set on the path assigned to me long ago."

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