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Paint Brushes

Meet & Greet  
May 20 3rd Friday
 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  Featured Artists ~ May 2022

Ricks table

I have an array of experience across many fields; on-air and management in radio, consulting professional sports teams, and broadcast companies including ESPN, photography and woodworking. The common thread in all of them is my passion for what I do. I have always been intrigued by woodworking. It started when I saw my grandfather carving a stick. Carving, then "turning" followed by "live edge" tables and art.

Nature does the work, I just try to accent the beauty. Each piece is meticulously planned from preparation to sculpting and sanding to the inlay material and finishing.


It is very rewarding to see the reaction when a client sees completed commission  To have been able to impact them with your art, and I like to think that I am making art, not tables, is very special . 


I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. It all started with helping my Dad every year create the families Halloween costumes. Then it was helping my Mom turn the American Legion into magical places for the local Dance Club. As I got older, I fell in love with giving my creations to the people I cared most about. There is no better gift to give or receive than that of something YOU have created.

I have taken my latest passion of beading to the next level which is to create beautiful one of a kind statement necklaces using interesting combinations of gemstones, beads and fibers. But along the way I discovered that to really standout from other jewelry designers you need something that is unique and original. Through much trial and error, I invented a special twisted wire technique that I call The Twisted Sister. It makes a beautiful statement piece. Every necklace is an original.

Jan griggs painting.jpg

"I love painting abstracts.  Colors, shapes, lights and darks can be arranged and re-arranged to create the feeling and emotion coming from within the artist. My work is a collection of places, feelings of color, light and dark, movement and stillness that I translate into non-representational abstracts."


Jan's process is intuitive and spontaneous. Her parameters are the color pallet that she chooses and the shape and size of the surface she is painting upon. She has the basic idea of what she wants to create and lets the flow of color and paint guide her.

"It is very rewarding when a collector connects to a piece. To know that you have reached them on an emotional level with your art is very special." 

Beverly Bradshaw is a gifted, natural born artist who has been creating art since childhood.  She is now a full time pastel artist who continually challenges herself to work in new ways, whether by trying a new palette or in applying new techniques, this artist remains dedicated to the process of learning.


As a young girl she would create drawings of the animals she found on the family farm in Montana.  By High School she had moved on to working in oil paints. She later attended classes at Eastern Montana College, Billings, MT while working with important artists, such as Ben Steele.


With a previous career in Interior Design, Beverly has a great sense of balance and form, and she harnesses the best of that experience in her art. Her life and career took her to Seattle, WA where she continued to study art in the evenings at the University of Washington and she attended workshops with well-known artists Ned Mueller and Clark Elster.  It was during this time that Beverly discovered pastel painting which she found was an excellent way to combine her strengths of drawing and painting. It has become her chosen medium.

beverly's bird.jpg
Beverly - Horse.png
Beverly - cardinal.png
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