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 DECEMBER Featured Artists

3rd Friday in December 

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Gullwing with K-Facemask.png


Gullwing’s sculptures focus on both animal and human form, however Personal Portrait Sculpture is Gullwing’s specialty.  The human body endlessly inspires the artist with its beauty, variety, and complexity.  Through Lifecasting, Gullwing’s faces, torsos, and hands are exact sculptural images of his models.  The complex and multi-step process begins by building a negative mold of the person, which is then ‘cast’ using various materials to create the finished work.  He works with a wide variety of materials for his final piece of art: glass, plaster, and fiberglass reinforced gypsum in addition to cast metals which include aluminum, bronze, and cast iron.  He also works in cold-cast metal powders and leather.  At his studio in Scottsdale, Gullwing does sculpture portraits on commission, but will also produce commissioned figure studies of hired models on request. - Bill Goren

Dick Mueller

Dick Mueller at work.jpg
Dick Mueller.png

Dick Mueller is a pencil artist (graphite and colored pencil) with countless awards to his name who has been drawing as long as he can remember. 

He was recognized as early 

as first grade with his 

renditions of fire trucks 

and barns.

Mueller was captivated by old western programs like Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers. His love of the Old West has stayed with him throughout his entire life.

His latest sideline, “Portraits from the Past,” is the result of a visitor requesting a commission of his father at age 9, dressed as a cowboy. Extremely pleased, the client asked for a portrait of his grandfather with a friend in a Wyoming saloon in 1903. That led to some serious research ~ what did cowboys wear on their feet in 1903? ~ followed by more commissions and more research. His preference is old photos where everyone looks natural, not posed.

The old western photographs that provide the subjects for his art today have brought Mueller full circle. His motto is “I may never have had the chance to be one, but my heroes have always been OLD cowboys!”

Still Life Oil Painting
Kathy Nelson Featured.jpg
Kathy Singularity copy.jpeg

Kathy Nelson

Kathy Nelson was born in Pennsylvania but has spent most of her life on the West Coast.  Recently retired from the health care field, she spent 25 years using the left side of her brain.  

The ancient art of working glass has always been an area of interest.  The durability of Egyptian glass represents the lasting quality of glass pieces.  How can something so fragile exist for millennia? Exploring the stained glass of Europe inspired her to take classes.  Starting with stained glass workshops she progressed to fused glass.  Fused glass is her focus today.  

She enjoys working with students and has developed multiple classes to help others appreciate the world of glass.  The play of light in glass remains a fascination. 

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